I Timothy

God Is Our Flashlight

God is such a great God, isn’t He? For each of us who is a Christian, He is our everything. We are so blessed to have the Savior of the Universe care so much about our everyday human lives. He is so much to us – just look at this short list below. I could…
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June 12, 2005 0

Pray for Everyone

Prayer is so very vital in our daily walks with God. Without it, communication is halted. With it, communication is enabled and each of our relationships with God soars. We need to pray for everything and everyone in our lives. No corner of our lives should be avoided during prayer. No loved one in our…
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February 12, 2005 0

Simple Rule No. 5 – Is Your Life an Example Buffet?

Hello! It may seem to you that we have been studying these “few” simple rules forever, right? Believe me, I thought that recently myself as well! However, I’ve truly learned a great deal from this passage from Timothy, and I genuinely hope that you have as well. I also pray that we continue to allow…
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January 1, 2005 0

A Faith Unfeigned …

1Timothy 1:5 “Now the end of the commandment is charity out of a pure heart, and of a good conscience, and of faith unfeigned.” When I read the phrase “the end of the commandment”, it makes me think of the phrase “the fulfillment of the law”. Who was “the fulfillment of the law”? Jesus Christ…
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November 30, 2003 0