Month: June 2005

An Attitude of Worship

Recently I stumbled across a verse that has really spoken to my heart. Oftentimes I – and probably you too – find a verse that I am truly blessed by that is primarily meant to mean one thing, but to me, it has a completely different meaning. This is the case for this devotion’s verse.…
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Showers of Grace and Mercy

Nearly every time I pray, I ask that God would bestow upon me His grace and His mercy and in an effort to be sincere in what I am praying, I decided to take a look at what I am actually asking for. Join me as I dig into His Word to explore just a…
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God Is Our Flashlight

God is such a great God, isn’t He? For each of us who is a Christian, He is our everything. We are so blessed to have the Savior of the Universe care so much about our everyday human lives. He is so much to us – just look at this short list below. I could…
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