Sheltered By the Lord

May 5, 2020

Sunday Encouragement from Woman at the Well Ministries
Sunday, May 3, 2020

Song: “Sheltered In the Arms of God”
By Dottie Rambo

I feel the touch of hands so kind and tender
They’re leading me in paths that I must trod
I’ll have no fear for Jesus walks beside me
For I’m sheltered in the arms of God

So let the storms rage high
The dark clouds rise
They don’t worry me
For I’m sheltered safe within the arms of God
He walks with me
And naught of earth shall harm me
For I’m sheltered in the arms of God

Soon I shall hear the call from Heaven’s portals
“Come home, My child, it’s the last mile you must trod.”
I’ll fall asleep and wake up in God’s new heaven
For I’m sheltered in the arms of God [Refrain]

VERSE:  Psalm 121:5, “The LORD is thy keeper:  the LORD is thy shade upon thy right hand.”

One of the things we miss most as we become adults is that sense of someone taking care of us: the security of knowing that someone else is looking out for our best interest.  Well, we don’t need to lose that sense of security. Although we are adults, we are still taken care of in a mighty and glorious way.  The Psalmist David tells us, in this passage, that the Lord is our keeper.  He is keeping us from all harm and looking out for our needs.  We see this to be true as he continues in this verse to tell us that the Lord is our shade.  This refers to the Lord being our source of comfort and provision.  We are sheltered in the shade that God provides for each of us.  It is there that we find comfort, rest, calmness and joy.  You must continue to trust Jesus for His watch care over you and look to Him for your comfort and provisions.  Jesus loves you.  You are loved.

Prayer:  Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for the peace that comes from knowing that I can abide in your shadow.  Thank you for the joy it brings to know that you are keeping me from all harm.  Increase my faith, Lord, and teach me Your ways.  Help me to be a stronger witness for You as I praise Your Name.  In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

*Sunday and Wednesday encouragements are written for our friends in Assisted Living, who we are unable to see regularly, due to COVID. We pray they are a blessing for you as well!

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